Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Give the Gift of Dance

Give the Gift of Dance: 

Belly Dance Goddess Hour 

Gift Certificates are 

now available! 

Top 7 Reasons to Give the Gift of Dance 

  1. Unique Experience. In an age of endless and disposable stuff, a gift of dance lessons is memorable, lasting, and environmentally friendly :) Put some thought into that special gift, giving a unique and original experience. 
  2. Fun & Social. We see it every class– ladies enter the studio filled with doubt, and exit with a big smile, relaxed muscles, and a little pep in their step having shared in class with an incredible group of women and great energy! What’s better than that? 
  3. Great for all women. Age 16+. We have students ranging from 16 to 69+. Belly Dance is low impact which is great for any fitness level. Technique is challenging and great for conditioning and toning. 
  4. Healthy. It’s a gift that allows movement, conditions & tones, and relieves stress. 
  5. Affordable. Gift certificates are available from $20-$175 depending on the number of classes. 
  6. Convenient. Email. Pay via PayPal. Receive Gift Certificate via email within 24 hours or via mail within 48 hours. Gift Certificates, however, are available immediately after purchase and can be used without the physical certificate, if needed. 
  7. No mall traffic. Not to mention avoiding the parking rage, curse words, and inane muzak that accompanies the typical mall experience during this season. 

Gift Giving Tips
  • For friends and family new to dance we recommend an amount that would cover 4 classes: $60
  • For the full experience, we recommend a 10 class card (Cards NEVER expire) $100 This allows access to any class offered by Karla Marie throughout the year.
  • For that special someone who loves to dance but might just want to experience one belly dance session, you can purchase a $20 one class gift certificate or a $60 private session certificate.

Available options:

  • $20 Gift Certificate, good for one class
  • Private Session (one hour) $60
  • Private Session (two hours) $80
  • $60 (4 Class Gift Certificate)
  • $80 (6 Class Gift Certificate)
  • $100 (10 Class Gift Certificate)
  • $175 (20 Class Gift Certificate)

How to Purchase Gift Certificate?

Step 1: 
Email karlamariefineart@gmail.com with your purchase request or questions.

Step 2:

You will receive a paypal invoice via email. 
Make payment with Credit or Debit Card and DONE! 

Step 3:
Receive Gift Certificate via email within 24 hours or via mail within 48 hours. 

(Gift Certificates, however, are available immediately after purchase and can be used without the physical certificate, if needed.)

2016 Class Schedule begin on January 9, 2016

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Only 3 spots left!

Dear Goddess:

This is a wonderful time to start belly dancing with us!! 

Our new session starts Saturday, November 7th. It is an intensive so be ready to be challenged but it is SO much fun and you will definitely learn belly dance technique and so much more!


  • Saturdays (Nov. 7 thru Dec. 12)
  • 10:30am-11:30am
  • Location: NOLA Spaces
  • (2 classes will be held at City Park- November 21 and 28)

  • There are no drop ins for this session. 
  • Students must register for a class card
  • You can choose from a 4, 6, 10, or 24 classes
  • Class cards never expire

We have classes scheduled through April of 2016
  • 2016 Sessions start with an 8 week session starting January 9th. 
  • On the schedule right now are only belly dancing classes. In 2016, we will be adding Latin Fusion as well. 
  • For a complete schedule, click here.

  • To confirm you registration, email karlamariefineart@gmail.com. ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT. Registration closes November 5th.
  • If you prefer to pay with cash or check, bring it to class on Saturday, November 7th. If you prefer to pay with a debit/credit card, you can pay via Paypal by "sending money" to karlamariefineart@gmail.comEmail me with any other questions!!!

  • Water and a Yoga Mat
  • a notebook is recommended!

WHAT TO WEAR? For attire, click here

Friday, October 23, 2015

Choreography: Ojos Asi

Next session... we will be going through this choreography breakdown!
Song: Ojos Asi

Choreography Breakdown Schedule:
Saturday, November 7: 
Part 1 (0:00 to 1:25) 
from Intro to shimmies

Saturday, November 14: 
Part 2 (1:26-2:31)
from Shimmies to Drop down

Saturday, November 21: 
Part 3: (2:32-3:32 ) 
from Rock Step to Pop & Lock

Saturday, November 28: 
Part 4: (3:33-4:12) 
Drum Solo Section

Saturday, December 5: 
Part 5: (4:12-4:40) 
Arabesque Section

Saturday, December 12: 
Part 6: (5:40-5:34) 

Goddess Updates and Announcements

​Dear Belly Dancing lovelies:

We have a few announcements and some important goddess updates for ya... I know some of you do not get the updates on Facebook so I wanted to be sure you had all the information you need about the upcoming weeks.

Saturday, October 24:
  • This is the last day of our September 6 week session- Hope to see all of you there (October 24 at 10:30am, NOLA Spaces) and SHIMMY AND SHAKE THE FUNK AWAY!!!
  • COSTUME INFO: I will be bringing the costume order forms for our performance in February and showcase in April. Deposits for costume due on November 7th if you are interested in performing in one or both of these.
  • I'll bring our Shimmy Shakti Tote bags to class on Saturday, since we only have a limited number... if you are interested in purchasing one, don't wait. Here's the info about these

Saturday, October 31:
  • NO CLASS Saturday, October 31st. 
Saturday, November 7:

  • The new 6 weeks starts on November 7th! 
  • Please note: Class is from 10:30am-11:30am this session, this means a few things...
    • Check in will begin at 10:15 so we can start promptly at 10:30am
    • Cool down will end at 11:25am, so we can be out of the space by 11:30am 
    • This means we will focus on only one part of the 6 part choreography each class. This will help us breakdown the sections well by focusing on only 1 minute of the choreography at a time, without speeding through to the next part in one class. 
    • Although no weekly breaks during the next session, we will have a change of location for 2 classes (the class before Thanksgiving and the week of Thanksgiving) I thought these two would be great classes to hold outdoors. Below is the location schedule:
      • Saturday, November 7: NOLA SPACES
      • Saturday, November 14: NOLA SPACES
      • Saturday, November 21: CITY PARK, PADDLE BOAT DECK
      • Saturday, November 28: CITY PARK, PADDLE BOAT DECK
      • Saturday, December 5: NOLA SPACES
      • Saturday, December 12: NOLA SPACES
  • If you are participating in our showcase on April 2, 2016 Showcase and/or the February 20th Orleans Raks! Show
    • Your Costume Order Deposits are due on November 7th
    • At least $50 deposit with balance due on January 9th
    • Costume order forms: 
      • I will hand out the order forms during class on Saturday. 
      • It is also available on our blog in the Shimmy Shakti Troupe page
      • You can turn it in or email with payment on or before the 7th.

Thanks for reading, my dear lovelies. Happy Friday!
Much love, light, and happy shimmies!
karla marie

New Session: starts November 7th

"Wild moon woman- you were not made to be tame, you are an earthquake loose everything that is not soul. Shake, woman, shake!
TO REGISTER, EMAIL karlamariefineart@gmail.com
Registration Deadline: November 5, 2015

Your registration is confirmed with your email. If paying by check or cash, bring your payment to the first class. If paying by debit or credit, you can pay using PAYPAL by using the "Send Money" option and sending to karlamariefineart@gmail.com



and will end promptly at 11:30am for this session

10:15am: Arrive | Check in
10:30am: Class Starts

- Warm Up
- Technique Drills
- Dance Combos
- Choreography Breakdown & Drills
- Cool Down

Please note 4 classes in this session will be at the studio, 2 classes will be at City Park, too pretty not to be outside for two of these mornings!!

  • Saturday, November 7: NOLA SPACES
  • Saturday, November 14: NOLA SPACES
  • Saturday, November 21: CITY PARK, PADDLE BOAT DECK
  • Saturday, November 28: CITY PARK, PADDLE BOAT DECK
  • Saturday, December 5: NOLA SPACES
  • Saturday, December 12: NOLA SPACES


In this 6 week session we will
- Condition, Tone, and Balance
- Increase Circulation, Flexibility, and Improve Posture
- Learn Relaxation Techniques & Reduce Stress
- Build Muscle Memory and Focus on Belly Dance Technique through Drills
- Learn a Choreography "Ojos Asi"
- Meet a great group of amazing women and feel great!
* Zills (finger cymbals) OPTIONAL



Only Class Cards accepted for this session, NO DROP INS
You can choose from the following class cards:
4 classes $60
6 classes $80
10 classes $100
20 classes $175


You are going to like it... and yes! we have a showcase coming up in the spring. 

All students are welcome to participate: Intro, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced students. Join us! Deadline to join our Shimmy Shakti Student Troupe for this showcase is November 7, 2015.

Choreography Breakdown:
Saturday, November 7: Part 1
Saturday, November 14: Part 2
Saturday, November 21: Part 3
Saturday, November 28: Part 4
Saturday, December 5: Part 5
Saturday, December 12: Run through


Karla Marie has been teaching Belly Dance in New Orleans since 2008. Classically trained in Ballet & Jazz, she began her belly dance studies in 2005 at MidEaster Dance Exchange in South Beach, Miami under the studio direction of Belly Dance Super Stars Bozenka & Tamallyn Dallal. Most recently, she has received training from World Renowned Belly Dance instructors like Suhaila Salimpour, Amani of Lebanon, Valerick Molinary, Zoe Jakes, Isaam Houshan, and Aziza Nawal.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Shimmy Shakti" Belly Dancing Tote

Our "Shimmy Shakti" Bag 
was handcrafted in Callao, PerĂº 
Custom Designed and Handmade for 
Belly Dance Goddess Hour by Karla Marie 
by Geraldine Flores Llanos of Ecobags


The materials and process: 
The exterior of the bag is made with the yute plant and is completely bio-degradable and eco-friendly. The recycled fabric lining was hand selected for each bag to match the Shakti design which was handpainted in the Chakra activation colors for higher vibration. All custom-made to order for our goddesses. 

All bags will receive energy and crystal clearing so you may receive a high quality/vibration product sending positive energy, love, light, and happy shimmies to all who wear them. 


Retail $25.00 

Limited Supply- Once they're gone... they're gone!

To purchase, PayPal to 
or Cash at your next Belly Dancing Class

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Deposit: Costume

Hey Shimmy Shaktas:
(Performing on Feb 20th Show and April 2nd Showcase)

Your $50 Costume Deposit
is due on Saturday, November 7th!